5 NY Giants with the most to prove in the final 3 games of the season

Will these Big Blue players step up down the stretch?

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The NY Giants are in the final stretch of the 2023 season, and with things not going as many planned throughout the year, several players have been disappointing. With this low level of play comes a sort of uncertainty about whether or not they will be brought back in 2024.

It's likely that we see a good amount of changes on this Giants roster next season, so if these players don't prove that they can be better in the final three games, they could be gone. However, some inspiring play to cap the season off could change their fate:

5. WR Isaiah Hodgins

Toward the end of last season, a hero emerged from the dumpster fire that was the Giants receiving core. Isaiah Hodgins, a sixth-round pick by the Bills, made his debut with Big Blue in Week 10. From then, it didn't take Hodgins very long to catch on and in the final eight weeks of the season he caught 33 passes for 351 yards and four touchdowns.

This, combined with an incredible playoff performance against the Vikings, had fans incredibly excited for what a full season of Hodgins as a starter could bring to the table. However, for one reason or another, Hodgins has been a no-show for the most part in 2023 and fans are now worried if he'll be brought back next year.

It all hasn't been his fault, as the quarterback play of the Giants has been far from ideal, but regardless, Hodgins' numbers this season, compared to last, don't stack up. Through 14 games, Hodgins has caught just 17 passes for 176 yards and three touchdowns. While he's caught a touchdown in two of his last three games, we still need to see more from the 25-year-old wideout.

Perhaps a surge in the final three weeks could earn Hodgins an extension this offseason. For now, though, he hasn't done nearly enough to prove that he can consistently be a top wide receiver like many thought he could become.