4 moves the NY Giants still need to make after the NFL Draft

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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1. Get creative with the salary cap

As of right now, the Giants are sitting at $575,000 in salary cap space, according to the NFLPA. So, the Giants will need to figure out how to get creative. They also need around $2.674 million in cap space to sign the rookie class, thus, why it's imperative for the Giants to figure some other moves out as soon as possible.

Could Adoree' Jackson get a contract extension? His cap number is at $19 million and an extension would not only keep the Giants best cornerback past the 2023 season, but it would create space. What about Darnay Holmes' possible release? His cap hit is around $2.9 million, so by releasing him, it would give the Giants back around $2.7 million in cap relief and barely even cost the Giants $200,000 in dead cap money.

With the additions of Banks and Tre Hawkins III in the draft, cutting Holmes might make more sense given how the Giants need some space back and given how Holmes had his struggles in 2022 - that might be a move to watch for.

Other veterans like Tyrod Taylor and Mark Glowinski are higher up on the Giants salary cap, as Glowinski's cap number is $8.35 million and Taylor's is $6.9 million, but whether the Giants would re-structure either deal or not has yet to be mentioned by anyone. The Giants are headed in the right direction, buut Schoen and Daboll are just getting started with the busy NY offseason.

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