NY Giants news: Bill Parcells shows a softer side, theories for clearing cap space

Bill Parcells proves that, if you're a part of the Giants family, you're a Giant always. We also discuss those cap issues.

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There used to be a saying, and it went something like this: "Once a Raider, always a Raider". There were some exceptions over time of course, Marcus Allen for instance. He probably wasn't treated as he should have been, but more often than not, the theory has made sense. We're going to steal the phrase for the sake of this story. How's this? 'If you're a member of the New York Giants family, you're in Big Blue's hearts for life'.

Even now, there's nothing like a heartwarming story about Bill Parcells, and recently, he gave us all reason to smile.

Bill Parcells offers a helping hand to former Giants.

Perhaps Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Times put it best. "Beneath Bill Parcells’ gruff exterior there exists a teddy bear".

Typically when we talk about Parcells' era as head coach, we reference that knockout shot on Joe Montana in the playoffs, two Super Bowl wins, and the occasional shouting match with Phil Simms on the sideline. We don't typically reference his undying love for his players, but maybe we should. Longtime writer Gary Myers appeared on a recent airing of WFAN's Boomer and Grio and decided to do so for us.

Myers is releasing a book entitled Once a Giant: A Story of Victory, Tragedy, and Life After Football. A portion of his story is dedicated to a big heart that Big Blue's fans didn't see very often. Parcells has been a financial support to more than 20 of his former players.

"People are going to find out how Bill Parcells has made this transition from a guy who had love-hate relationships with his players to the patriarch of that ’86 team, now that Wellington Mara has been gone for awhile and Bill has had his 82nd birthday recently."

Well done coach, and happy birthday... We can't wait to read what Myers had to say.

More Giants news: The Giants' need to clear cap space is a conversation again.

Week 1's Sunday Night Football game versus the Dallas Cowboys approaches. The Giants have an opportunity to begin the campaign with a bang in primetime versus one of their fiercest rivals. Many have predicted the NFC East to be a two-team race. one featuring the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, but the hope is New York will be a factor and establish a foundation for the future.

If the G-Men are to return to the glory days and enjoy a run like Parcells did when he paced the sidelines, they'll certainly have to manufacture some salary cap health.

Check out SI.com's take on a few ideas for finding some room when you have a moment. This one was penned by Patricia Traina, and is definitely worth your attention if you're looking for some reading material.

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