Giants News: Saquon Barkley calls out new report, Darren Waller raves about Daniel Jones

Saquon Barkley and the Giants now have four days to get a long-term deal done

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Leading up to Monday, it feels like there's a battle going on between the NY Giants and Saquon Barkley in terms of leaking information to the media. On Wednesday, it was reported that Barkley could sit out Week 1 if he doesn't get his long-term deal.

That report from Dianna Russini definitely opened up plenty of eyes. Now, Giants fans are even more taken aback, as Pro Football Talk has reported that the reason the Giants pulled their original offer to Barkley was because despite them putting $13 million a year on the table, No. 26 wanted $16 million. Well, Saquon saw this report and was quick to claim it simply is not true:

Saquon Barkley and the Giants need to get things fired out as soon as possible

"Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Giants extended an offer to Barkley worth $13 million per year, including $26 million over the first two years. The offer was made before the deadline for applying the franchise tag, with the express message from the team that, if the tag were applied to Barkley, the offer would be pulled. Barkley was looking for Christian McCaffrey money, we’re told; that’s roughly $16 million per year.

PFT's Mike Florio

Barkley and his reps have called out fake news on multiple occasions that he's been looking for $16 million a year. Even after the season, Barkley said that he wasn't looking to reset the market with his new deal.

As things stand, you'd think that if the Giants were to put $13-14 million per season in front of him, that Barkley would potentially take it - assuming the guaranteed dough is spot on too. However, no one knows how this whole situation will play out. We'll find out by Monday afternoon, though, if Saquon will be a happy man or an angry one.

Darren Waller has loved building chemistry with Daniel Jones

On a lighter note, people can't wait to see what new tight end Darren Waller will be able to get done for this offense. Waller could not be happier to be in East Rutherford, especially with him and Daniel Jones developing a bond early on.

When asked about how things were going with Jones, Waller was gushing when discussing his new signal-caller. Once training camp arrives, look for these two to put on a show in New Jersey. Then once Week 1 gets here, people will be hoping to see Waller and Jones connect for a touchdown or two.

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