5 Bold predictions for the NY Giants in the 2023 NFL Draft

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4. Joe Schoen opts to select an offensive lineman in the first round

There are so many positions the NY Giants could look to upgrade in the first round of this year's draft. However, one that is becoming underrated as a possibility is an interior offensive lineman, and with the talent that could be available at No. 25 overall compared to others makes it more likely than you'd think that Schoen goes to the trenches for the first round.

While the Giants have plenty of solid options for the interior offensive line, there are seemingly no guarantees of who could start aside from Mark Glowinski. This could potentially open the door for Schoen to take a sure-shot player to help patch up the o-line.

To make things even better, there are some pretty darn good interior offensive line options in the first round, most notably with O'Cyrus Torrence and John Michael Schmitz. Adding either of these players to the Giants' already decent offensive line would drastically improve the quality of life for the offense.

Adding a corner, linebacker, or receiver would be nice. However, adding a certified stud in the trenches would go a long way in the career of both Daniel Jones and potentially Saquon Barkley as well.