NY Giants NFL Mock Draft after major Joe Schoen moves in free agency

The first week of free agency sets the stage for the 2024 NFL Draft for the Giants

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NY Giants fourth-round pick: Wisconsin RB Braelon Allen

Through all of the mock drafts we have done here, we haven’t selected a running back in any of them. That was due to our expectations of Saquon Barkley returning on a long-term deal. However, he didn’t, which leaves a massive void in the Giants offense.

Yes, the Giants did sign veteran running back Devin Singletary, but he is not going to be the cow-bell type back that everyone saw with Barkley. The Giants don’t really see Eric Gray as that kind of player yet, so the Giants tap into the draft to take Wisconsin's Braelon Allen.

Notice the quote from the video of the highlights. “He reminds me of Brandon Jacobs.” The same running back who was part of two Super Bowl winning championships when he was teamed up with Ahmad Bradshaw. The same running back who was beloved by many Giants fans and still is.

Allen rushed for 12 touchdowns and 984 yards in his final year at Wisconsin, which was the only season in college that he didn’t rush for over 1,000 yards. With the Giants likely going back to a dual-threat back system, just like the Buffalo Bills used to run when Singletary was in the Daboll offense, Allen is the perfect complement to Singletary and can try to help fill the void left by Barkley.