NY Giants NFL Mock Draft after major Joe Schoen moves in free agency

The first week of free agency sets the stage for the 2024 NFL Draft for the Giants

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NY Giants fifth-round pick: Michigan OG Zak Zinter

In the Burns trade, the Giants did trade their initial fifth-round pick. The Giants also did a pick swap of fifth rounders with the Panthers, so they end up with a selection and address another need in the offensive line and take Michigan guard Zak Zinter.

Zinter is no stranger to our mock drafts, as we have selected him before, although this is the first time we are doing a mock draft since the Giants made any major changes to the line.

They added Runyan, who said he can play on either side of the line, but does prefer the left guard spot. They also have Eluemunor, who can play all over the line, but does play right tackle, which he did for the Raiders in 2023. Some wonder where that leaves Evan Neal, who not only struggled, but also underwent ankle surgery. So, for now, Neal doesn’t factor into the plans of the line until he’s healthy and can show he belongs.

So with that said, the Giants bring in Zinter, who was a big part of the National Championship team before the leg injury in late November that ended his season. Before that, he would have been a much higher pick, and likely on the Giants radar still to fill offensive line needs.

Zinter taking the right guard spot to play alongside a seasoned veteran in Eluemunor at right tackle could be exactly what he needs to start his career.