5 most overrated NY Giants NFC East rivals entering 2023

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4. Commanders DE Chase Young

Remember when teams were actively tanking for the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft in order to select Chase Young? Well, the Giants were thought to be one of these teams. However, after defeating the Commanders in a late-season game, they were sent to the fourth pick, and the Commanders got second. Many fans at the time were very upset about this and were even more angered when the team selected Andrew Thomas, who was thought to be the worst of the first-round tackles.

However, three years later and Thomas is arguably the best tackle in the NFL and Young has been incredibly disappointing to the point where the Commanders declined his fifth-year option. While a lot of his struggles have come due to injury, he hasn't even been that impressive when healthy enough to play.

In the 12 games we've seen from Chase in the last two seasons, he's racked up just 1.5 sacks, 31 pressures, and 31 tackles. Again, he has missed tons of time due to injuries. However, we can't act like the numbers when healthy are very impressive.

Despite this, the media and fans still act as if he's a star. Maybe he can be one in due time, but it's been three years and Young has had a singular moderately successful season in which he racked up 7.5 sacks and 40 pressures. The media needs to let Young prove that he can string together multiple star level seasons before they begin running these narratives around him.