5 most overrated NY Giants NFC East rivals entering 2023

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3. Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence

Demarcus Lawrence has continuously been a very good player who has been heralded as one of the top players in the league when that simply isn't the case. Similar to Giants DE Leonard Williams, Lawrence has turned into more of a run-stopper in recent seasons compared to the elite pass-rusher he once was. However, he is not some elite run defender like Cowboys fans would have you think.

This doesn't mean he's bad. In fact, Lawrence is still a great player. However, we have a hard time believing he should have made a Pro Bowl last season when you look at his numbers. Through 17 games, Lawrence racked up 65 combined tackles and six sacks. Again, good numbers, but not top tier, especially when you take a deeper look.

Last season, Lawrence had a PFF run defense grade of just 68.2. Obviously, PFF isn't the be-all end-all for how good a player is, but it's a fine metric to give fans a deeper look into a player's skillset. A 68.2 is a fine grade. However, nowhere near a Pro Bowl level. For example, Williams is often looked at as a solid, but not top-tier defensive end, and had a better run defense, and pass-rush grade last season.

Lawrence was once a top player in his position. However, that was well over five years ago now. It's time for Cowboys fans to realize the player they have. A good, but not great defensive lineman. The kind you want on your defense, but not the one you build it around.