5 most overrated NY Giants NFC East rivals entering 2023

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2. Eagles CB Darius Slay

Similar to Lawrence, Darius Slay is a good player who is often talked about as if he's a top-three player in his position. Slay was a very good, maybe even great player. However, there is a real argument to make that he wasn't even the best corner on his team last season. Obviously, Slay faced tougher opponents, but the numbers between him and James Bradberry are pretty jarring.

Through 17 games, Slay allowed 41 receptions on 75 targets for 504 yards and four touchdowns. He finished with three interceptions. Bradberry, who played the same amount of games, allowed 40 receptions on 87 targets for two touchdowns and also had three interceptions. Again, Slay likely faced more difficult competition, but it's hard to say he was better than Bradberry.

Despite this, if you ask the average fan who is better between the two, they will likely say Slay. Which, considering his reputation, we can't blame them. However, when talking about last season, it's rather clear who the better player was.

Slay is only getting older and the decline will likely continue. He has had a great career, but his days of being a top-tier corner are likely over. If the Eagles are smart, they will capitalize on the value he still has and move on from him before it's too late.