5 most overrated NY Giants NFC East rivals entering 2023

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1. Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. Not only is Trevon Diggs the most overrated player in the NFC East, but he's one of the most overrated guys in the entire league. He made some strides to become a more consistent corner in 2022, but he's still nowhere near the top player at the position Cowboys fans think he is.

In 17 games played last season, Diggs allowed 56 receptions on 82 targets for 695 yards and five touchdowns. Similar to Bradberry and Slay, he posted three interceptions. While his total yardage allowed from 2021 was much worse, he made up for it by grabbing 11 interceptions. However, in '22 he allowed more receptions on fewer targets and allowed the same amount of touchdowns.

The improvements he made were minimal and his incredibly inconsistent play was definitely a leading factor in the Cowboys' decision to trade for Stephon Gilmore. It's time for Cowboys fans to wake up and smell the coffee. For a second-round pick, Diggs is a fine player, but it's time to stop putting him in some of the conversations he's in.

Diggs isn't a CB1 and this past season proved it. Maybe playing behind Gilmore can help him play better. However, you can't consistently prove that you aren't capable of being a team's top corner while simultaneously being in conversations that place you among the best in the league at your position. Diggs is overrated, no doubt.

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