5 NY Giants players who need to see less playing time moving forward

The bench may be needed for these Giants players

New York Jets v New York Giants
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1. Tyrod Taylor

Some might wonder why a player who hasn’t been on the field in almost a month is on a list for players to see less time. It’s not so much Taylor being an issue. It’s to see what Tommy DeVito is as a starter for the final five games for the Giants. Thus far, DeVito has made three starts as a rookie in 2023 and he’s won two of them.

When Daniel Jones got hurt, Taylor was inserted as the starter and he gave the Giants a small jolt. If not for terrible officiating, Taylor likely wins the game on the road against the Buffalo Bills. He did get the victory against the Washington Commanders, but he suffered the rib injury against the New York Jets and has been on Injured Reserve since.

Taylor is eligible to come off IR, but it’s not a definite that Taylor is healthy enough to play. Even if he is, the Giants have seen what Taylor can be, a nice backup whose capable of starting duties. But Taylor’s health has always been an issue throughout his NFL career and it was no exception here with the Giants.

On the flip side of that, DeVito is still developing as a rookie quarterback. Even if Taylor is healthy enough to play, the Giants should sit Taylor behind DeVito and let their rookie continue his progress. He has already won two games and shown a lot of mental toughness and capability to drive the ball down the field.

Confidence and game reps will be the only way DeVito learns and continues his progress. Taylor should only be put in if for injuries or emergency situations, and that is if Taylor is healthy. If not, keep DeVito in the rest of the season and see what he has to offer for the Giants in the final five games of the 2023 season.