4 position battles to watch at NY Giants minicamp

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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2. Left guard

The last big gap on the Giants offensive line is left guard. They have their young and incredibly talented tackles, a rookie center who was arguably the best player at his position in college, and a solid veteran at right guard. However, left guard is looking much more questionable. The team has plenty of options, but who will take up the mantle of starting guard this season?

The main options at left guard are Ben Bredeson, Josh Ezeudu, Marcus McKethan, and Shane Lemieux. Currently, it seems as if Bredeson will be the most likely to start. However, keep an eye on Ezeudu. Ezeudu showed promise during his rookie season as a run-blocker, but his liabilities as a pass protector caused him to not see the field much.

It will also be interesting to see how both McKethan and Lemiuex bounce back from injuries they sustained last season. These two both have solid upsides if they can remain healthy. While McKethan tore his ACL before he was able to play a snap, Lemieux has been dealing with injury after injury since he came into the league, so it's hard to trust him long term.

The battle will likely be between Bredeson and Ezeudu. While now it seems like Bredeson is the top option, Ezeudu could very easily snag the starting spot before the season starts. It all comes down to whether or not he can progress as a pass protector.