NY Giants post Super Bowl mock draft: G-Men trade up for franchise QB

Joe Schoen trades up in the first round to secure the Giants their next QB
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NY Giants fifth-round pick: Boston College OG Christian Mahogany

Fans want to see the Giants improve the offense line. The Giants traded up for the quarterback of the future in Maye, so it makes sense that not only do they look at one guard position, but with the fifth-round selection, they look at the other guard spot as well with Boston college guard Christian Mahogany.

Mahogany is a massive 6-3, 322-pound guard who would instantly improve the Giants offensive line, especially if he stays at his position in college at right guard. Right guard was a bit of a revolving door for the Giants in 2023, so getting someone like Mahogany to take the spot would be a plus move for the Giants offensive line in 2024.

Mahogany is a big, physical bully-type guard that the Giants need. He’s also very good and physical when it comes to pass protection, and given the 85 sacks surrendered to Giants quarterbacks in 2023, Mahogany would again be a welcomed presence and addition to the Giants line.