5 potential upsets the NY Giants can record in 2023

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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Week 15 at New Orleans Saints

Some might see this game listed in the upset side as a surprise, but the Giants generally never play well when they are in New Orleans. In fact, before the overtime thriller that the Giants won against the Saints back in 2021, the last time the Giants won in New Orleans was back in 1993.

Now, to be clear, the game in 2005 where the Giants won in Week 2 against the Saints doesn't really count as a game won in New Orleans since they had to move the game to East Rutherford after the events of Hurricane Katrina. Even though it was counted as a road win, that was essentially a Giants home win.

But regardless, the Giants have had previous bad luck playing in the Superdome. Many didn't expect the Giants to come away with the win back in 2021, yet, they did. This Giants team in 2023, which had Saquon Barkley combine for over 100 yards total and the game-winning touchdown in '21, is much better than the one we saw two seasons ago.

By this time, the Giants could be gearing up for not only another playoff run, but a shot at the NFC East if they can play as well as some think they can, so the Giants should be leaving New Orleans the way they left two seasons ago: with a win.