Ranking the 5 best NY Giants moves from this offseason

Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants
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1) Inking Daniel Jones to a long-term deal

The best move of the offseason was one that was a pure no-brainer: inking Daniel Jones to a long-term contract.

Before the clock struck 4:00 p.m. ET for the tag deadline, New York and Jones came to a buzzer-beating agreement on a four-year extension. Yes, Jones is being paid like a top-tier quarterback, but it’s structured in a way that the Giants aren’t hamstrung regardless, and their confidence in Daboll to get the most out of the quarterback deserves more time.

Schoen and Daboll deserve respect for coming into a situation without their own quarterback, molding him and finding their guy in someone many didn’t believe in. On the other hand, Jones hasn’t let any narrative or media scrutiny get to him, continuing to work hard and become the best quarterback he can be. All signs point to him continuing to ascend under his new deal.

Additionally, the agreement allowed the Giants to franchise-tag Barkley. Jones began to blossom in 2022, but an improved wide receiving corps, Waller and another season of Daboll’s coaching could be the right mix to take him into the next stratosphere.

The future is bright in New York due to Schoen’s prowess and decision-making this offseason, and the Giants are about to be a force in the NFL. The future sure is looking bright for this team.

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