5 reasons for NY Giants fans to still have hope after the loss to Dallas

Relax, Giants fans. The season isn’t over yet.
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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2. Brian Daboll still runs the show

Brian Daboll still remains the NFL’s Coach of the Year, and he didn’t win that award by accident last year. One rough game doesn’t simply discredit all of the work he put in last year to change the culture with the Giants.

In years past, the Giants might have rolled into Week 2 and let what happened in Week 1 affect them and then they’re suddenly 0-2. And then that’s where the season gets out of hand and spirals out of control. But this is where having Daboll here helps. He’s the one who makes sure the players don’t forget who they are and what they did.

He’s the one who reminds them that they aren’t the Giants from 2017-2021. Those teams aren’t around anymore. The minute the Giants became a playoff team last year and won a playoff game, this became Daboll’s team and everyone bought in. Again, one loss doesn’t change the course of what he’s trying to do.

This is still a rather young Giants team, but one with talent on it. Talent that Daboll is coaching to win. A bad loss to a team like Dallas can happen. But where a coach like Daboll comes in, he reminds them that they are better than a 40-0 loss. Getting past Sunday’s disaster start and getting back on a winning track is where a good coach like Daboll comes in handy, where as some of the other coaches prior to him wouldn’t be able to handle the task of righting the ship.