NY Giants reveal new 100th-year jersey and fans are ripping it to shreds

This was the best the G-Men could come up with?
Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
Green Bay Packers v New York Giants / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The long-awaited alternate jerseys for the NY Giants' 100th season have finally been released, and fans are not happy with the finished product. Featuring red as the primary color and paying homage to the team's rich history, these jerseys will be worn up to two times this season, which may be too much for some.

We appreciate the idea the Giants were trying to go with for these jerseys, but plenty of people have already taken to social media in order to trash its design, creating some truly funny responses to what should have been an exciting reveal.

NY Giants fans are not happy with team's alternate jerseys for the 2024 season

Some NY supporters found more humorous ways to trash these new jerseys, using their creative instincts to reply under the Giants' post with some funny memes. Other fans were much more serious with their displeasure:

There are some fans who have nicer things to say about these jerseys, mostly understanding the historical aspect and how these can be meaningful for the Giants' 100th season. Indeed, not everyone is a hater:

Even fans from opposing teams have joined in mocking the new uniforms, though. Regardless of what the idea was behind the commemorative jersey, this is not a good look for Big Blue as they enter their 100th season in the NFL.

One of the biggest criticisms toward the jerseys has been their striking similarities to the Montreal Canadiens jerseys. While some like how alike they are, others are not so happy with how the jerseys have turned out.

Regardless, these are the Giants' new throwbacks for the 2024 season. We may not all agree on how they look, but one thing is for certain, most fans are seemingly upset with the product. Hopefully, New York can at least play well while wearing them this season. It's one thing to wear ugly jerseys, playing poorly while rocking this throwback jersey will create a whole different problem.