5 biggest losers from the NY Giants and Saquon Barkley fumbling their contract talks

• There's now a ton of pressure on a rookie RB to deliver for the Giants

• Fans are furious with Saquon and Joe Schoen for not getting things done

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Here we are bright and early on Tuesday morning and the sadness continues. Why? It's because the future of star running back Saquon Barkley with the NY Giants has never been less clear. Barkley and Joe Schoen tried everything to come to terms on a new deal, but nothing happened.

Now, Barkley isn't expected to be in East Rutherford for training camp and it's totally up in the air if he'll be at MetLife Stadium once Week 1 vs. the Dallas Cowboys rolls around. With the G-Men and Saquon not finalizing a new deal, here are the five biggest losers from the contract drama:

5. NY Giants QB Daniel Jones

After signing a four-year extension worth $160 million, Daniel Jones is ready to have the best year of his young career. Countless haters have been bashing him ever since he landed his mega-deal, claiming he's overpaid and overrated. Without Barkley on the field, do we really think Jones will be able to play his best football?

Barkley is such a key piece of the offense, he certainly takes some pressure off of Jones. When these two are working together, magic is created and the NY offense is able to play at a high level. Jones wants No. 26 by his side as soon as possible. If Barkley indeed plans to be a camp holdout and even miss some regular season games, Jones will undoubtedly suffer.