5 biggest losers from the NY Giants and Saquon Barkley fumbling their contract talks

• There's now a ton of pressure on a rookie RB to deliver for the Giants

• Fans are furious with Saquon and Joe Schoen for not getting things done

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1. NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley

You knew Barkley was going to be featured here. After months of trying to get something done, it's the franchise tag or bust for the standout RB. These negotiations indeed have been going on for months, with Barkley reportedly turning down an offer from the Giants all the way back during the bye week in 2022.

Barkley rejected that offer, plus multiple others from Schoen and the Big Blue front office. In a dream world, Barkley would have been able to ink a 3-4 year deal, with at least $22 million guaranteed. He was hoping for that financial security long term. Now, he's set to earn $10.1 million for his work this year if he signs the tender.

This isn't what he wanted, though, and you better believe that Barkley is ticked off. Right before the news dropped that no deal would be reached, Barkley posted, "it is what it is" on his Twitter account. Yeah, those are five words from a young man who isn't pleased with the way this all played out. Fans are now begging Saquon to play on the tag and suit up for the G-Men once early September arrives. Will that happen? Keep your fingers crossed.

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