Giants schedule: All 2023 opponents ranked from easiest to hardest

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9. New England Patriots

Simply put, coaching is why the Patriots are this high in terms of toughest matchups for the Giants. It's the Bill Belichick effect in the highest order. In 2022, the Patriots went 8-9 with their offensive coaching staff having never called plays before. That's pretty impressive.

They'll have a new offensive leader in Bill O'Brien to hopefully get Mac Jones to what the Patriots expect him to be. The Patriots haven't had a history of good fortune with receivers, but the JuJu Smith-Schuster addition is a good one. He was a solid contributor on a Super Bowl winning team and is a much need extra weapon for Mac Jones.

On the defensive side, the Patriots have all-around stud Matthew Judon who will no doubt make life difficult for the Giants offensive line and Daniel Jones. The Patriots were able to bolster their secondary through this year's draft when Oregon cornerback Christian Gonzalez fell in their lap.

They may not have the sexiest roster, but this Belichick guy is pretty good at what he does. This could be a tougher-than-you-think matchup for the G-Men and could result in some ugly football if they aren't careful.