Ranking the 5 most important games of the NY Giants 2023 schedule

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
New York Giants v Tennessee Titans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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4. NY Giants vs. New York Jets in Week 8

The New York Jets have dominated the headlines and the back pages over the last couple of weeks due to their trade for former Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but the Giants will need to show they have the better squad when these two teams face off.

The Jets have been hailed as Super Bowl contenders due to their acquisition, but is Rodgers really that much better of an option than the Giants No. 8 at this stage of his career? Remember, Jones defeated Rodgers last season in London, and the Giants defense made life hard for the Packers, but that won’t have any bearing on this season’s game.

Jones and the Giants are fine with sitting back and letting Rodgers and the Jets get their time in the sun for now, but fans will want a victory, for both pride reasons and because every game is so important in the NFL. Most weeks, Giants and Jets fandom can coexist, but for one week in 2023, Daboll’s squad must prove they’re the best team in East Rutherford.