5 significant questions for the NY Giants at linebacker

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2. Can Bobby Okereke live up to the free agency hype?

One of the biggest moves made by the Giants in free agency was the addition of Bobby Okereke from the Indianapolis Colts, as they signed him to a four-year, $40 million deal with $21.8 million fully guaranteed.

Okereke is coming off two tremendous seasons for the Colts, as he had 132 total tackles in 2021 and a career-high 151 tackles in 2022. That kind of season earned him the contract he got from the Giants, as he is already expected to not only take over as a starter in the middle, but help transform the defense as well.

Because of the contract he received and given he's not a homegrown player, the expectations on Okereke are on him, maybe even more so given how the Giants have been burned by former players brought in from free agency. But so far, it looks like Okereke's been looking the part for the Giants.

The Giants can only hope that the player they saw in Indianapolis, especially over the last two seasons, will provide the same impact and bring some stability to the middle linebacker position that the Giants have desperately needed for several years.