5 significant questions for the NY Giants at wide receiver

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1. Will the Giants pursue DeAndre Hopkins?

While the Giants have made it a priority to revamp the receiver room this offseason with a plethora of additions, the need for a clear alpha receiver still remains. Interestingly enough, there happens to be a Five-time All-Pro wide receiver available in free agency. 

DeAndre Hopkins was released by the Cardinals this offseason and has yet to land with a new team. After recent visits with both the Titans and Patriots, Hopkins remains unsigned and ESPN’s Diana Russini went as far as saying Hopkins is “trying to get more teams interested.”

While Hopkins hasn’t necessarily been linked to the Giants, Daboll didn’t shut the door on the possibility of the team exploring the idea:

It seems like a longshot at this point, but if Daboll isn’t ruling it out just yet then it’s okay for Giants fans to continue daydreaming. After signing Jones to a four-year, $160 million contract, signing one of the best receivers the NFL has to offer would be a pivotal addition. The Giants made a serious commitment to Jones and as a result they want to put him in the best position they can for him to succeed. 

Not only did the Giants commit a large sum of money to Jones, but they made Dexter Lawrence one of the highest-paid defensive tackles in the league while also signing Bobby Okereke to a four-year, $40 million contract.

Additionally, they are still at a crossroads with Barkley and his looming contract extension, so they may not be in position to offer Hopkins the contract he is looking for. Hopkins signing with the Giants feels unlikely, but he’d certainly be the unquestioned leader of this receivers room if he were to somehow land with Big Blue.

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