5 star players the NY Giants could have drafted in the past 5 years

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2. Deebo Smauel in 2019

Deebo Samuel was an early second-round pick in 2019 and like a lot of prospects, no one really knew what he was coming out of school. With playing on a lot of sub-par South Carolina teams, a good amount of folks looked at this pick as a reach.  Maybe more so drafting for potential than production.

Well, that is why people in NFL front offices have those jobs and people like me don't. Samuel has turned out to be one of the biggest difference makers in the entire NFL. He can hurt you every single way imaginable. Not only is he just a good receiver, he also does a lot of damage coming out of the backfield.

In fact, he has more rushing touchdowns (14) than he does receiving touchdowns (12). A true Swiss army knife that would have made Jones' life much easier. When we look at the Giants 2019 draft, it really was solid. They hit with their first two picks in the first round (Jones and Lawrence) But, then it happened. Cornerback Deandre Baker was taken with the 30th pick.

A pick where the Giants gave up a good amount of draft capital to get. Baker ended up playing just one season with the Giants because of trouble with the law and is regarded by many as one of the worst Giants' picks in the past 20 years. The Giants brass was so close to a perfect round. Jones, Lawrence and Samuel... what could have been.