5 main NY Giants takeaways from the preseason loss to the Lions

Jason Pinnock got things going with a bang against Detroit
New York Giants v Detroit Lions
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2. Tommy DeVito did exactly what Brian Daboll was hoping to see

It's hard not to root for DeVito, as he's got a great last name, is a hometown kid and joined the G-Men as an undrafted free agent. The Don Bosco Prep product took over the offense early in the first half and he played about as well as you could ask a third-string, UDFA quarterback. DeVito was throwing the ball with some zip.

Were there mistakes from the rookie? Of course. However, he was able to help this team move the ball around and his night was highlighted by the 14-yard touchdown pass to tight end Tommy Sweeney. These two were actually high school teammates, with Sweeney being a senior at Don Bosco when DeVito was a freshman. Talk about a special moment for the two:

That's a TD DeVito is never going to forget. With Daniel Jones sitting this one out, DeVito was able to see extensive action and he certainly took advantage of things. The first-year QB will be headed to the practice squad once Week 1 rolls around, but it's great to see him get real game-time experience like this. He's gaining trust from Daboll too.