4 free agents the NY Giants can still target including DeAndre Hopkins

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The NY Giants may not have much cap space left currently. However, there are still ways in which they can free up money in order to sign some potential game-changing free agents. It won't be easy, but if Joe Schoen is determined to make moves, he can definitely get them done.

Not only have these four players been rumored to join the Giants at one point or another, but they are somewhat realistic in terms of their odds of joining the team. If Schoen manages to land one of these players, fans will sure be fired up over it:

4. LB Deion Jones

This is a move that wouldn't necessarily be ideal. However, if the current NY Giants linebacker core aside from Bobby Okereke doesn't pan out, bringing in a veteran like Deion Jones may be a necessity. Jones has certainly struggled in recent seasons and isn't really the sideline-to-sideline 'backer he once was, but he very well could rejuvenate his career in New York.

Through 11 games last season, Jones racked up 40 tackles and three sacks while allowing 20 receptions on 28 targets for 198 yards and one touchdown. These numbers may seem pretty solid, but watching Jones play showed that he has become a shell of his former self.

Regardless, if Darrian Beavers gets hurt again or Micah McFadden doesn't develop, Jones may be the answer. He won't be a big difference-maker, but putting him next to a guy like Okereke could help him turn his career around.

Hopefully, the younger linebackers on the Giants begin to develop more so this wouldn't have to be the case. However, if so, adding a player like Jones wouldn't be the end of the world and could honestly even help the Giants' defense compared to the 'backers they had last season.