4 free agents the NY Giants can still target including DeAndre Hopkins

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1. OG Dalton Risner

Similar to Houston, Risner has been linked to the NY Giants recently and it honestly makes a lot of sense. The Giants may still have Mark Glowinski under contract, but with how disappointing he was last season, it may make sense to try and move on from him, as he likely isn't going to get much better.

It's somewhat of a surprise that Risner hasn't been signed yet - he may not be a star lineman, but he's definitely serviceable and would start on a good amount of teams. If the Giants can add a player like Risner, who is both younger, and better than Glowinski, the offense will benefit greatly.

Through 598 pass-blocking snaps last season, Risner allowed three sacks and 29 pressures, earning a PFF pass-blocking grade of 72.6. When you compare this to Glowinski, who allowed five sacks and 34 pressures with a grade of 55.5, it's clear who the better player is.

Even if the Giants opt to plug Risner in over some of their younger options the team would benefit. We'd like to see what a player like Josh Ezeudu can do this season, but if Schoen thinks Risner is the way to go, then we completely understand.

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