5 NY Giants targets Joe Schoen must avoid with the No. 6 overall pick

JJ McCarthy in the first round? No thanks

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4. QB Michael Penix Jr., Washington

He's nowhere near the worst first-round QB prospect in this year's draft. However, there are a good bit of red flags concerning Michael Penix Jr. that will likely cause the Giants to pass on him. For starters, he is 24 years old, and considering that he has some areas of his game that aren't NFL-ready, New York may not want to take the risk of trying to develop an older player.

Alongside this, Penix has some SERIOUS medical concerns and has just two full seasons under his belt despite being in college since 2018. Penix has suffered two torn ACLs and has separated both of the AC joints in each shoulder. This sort of medical history is not the kind you want when considering drafting a player so high in the first round.

As a player, Penix certainly has potential - while his pocket presence may not be great, which is cause for concern considering the Giants' offensive line, he does have one of the best arms in the nation. This is what makes Penix such a highly touted prospect. Despite this, he really struggles to make plays outside the pocket and has struggled at times to move off of his initial read even when in the pocket.

Perhaps if the Giants were drafting later, it could be worth rolling the dice on Penix. However, with so many concerns both with his play and health, it isn't looking like Penix will be a Giant. Maybe he would work well under a team with a better offensive line, but New York just isn't a good fit for the Heisman finalist.