5 NY Giants targets Joe Schoen must avoid with the No. 6 overall pick

JJ McCarthy in the first round? No thanks

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3. TE Brock Bowers, Georgia

Unlike the previous two players mentioned, this has almost nothing to do with Brock Bowers' abilities on the football field. In this draft, there may not be a more guaranteed star than him. Despite this, the Giants have far too many holes on both sides of the ball to take a tight end with the No. 6 overall pick. This isn't even because they already have Darren Waller, as releasing Waller to create cap and drafting Bowers could improve the Giants' offense a good bit, but taking him so high just isn't the move.

Through 10 games this season, Bowers caught 56 passes for 717 yards and six touchdowns for a dominant Georgia team. Averaging 71 yards per game as a tight end in college is pretty damn impressive and to make things even better, Bowers is a solid blocking threat as well.

Bowers is an incredible talent, but he isn't in a position of need for the Giants. Selecting a tackle, receiver, quarterback, or even edge-rusher would be the smarter move considering the issues facing the roster.