3 NY Giants to blame for the inexcusable OT loss to the Jets

The Giants let a thrilling win slip away on Sunday and fans are furious

New York Jets v New York Giants
New York Jets v New York Giants / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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1. Graham Gano

No. 1 on our list is quite obvious. It was a day to forget for Gano, who is no longer as automatic as he used to be. In September, Gano was given a three-year extension and people were quite happy for him. After the way he played last season, Gano was fully deserving of his new contract and pay increase.

However, he has been way too inconsistent this season, which was showcased against the Jets. We already talked about his missed field goal late in the fourth quarter, but Gano also missed a FG try early on in the day too. Two missed field goals for him in a three-point loss? Yeah, that's just not going to cut it.

Had Gano drilled the FG at the end of the game, we wouldn't even be writing this article right now. The Giants should be 3-5 on the season, but with Gano absolutely blowing it, the G-Men have fallen to 2-6. After going 9-7-1 last campaign, the expectations were through the roof for this team in '23, but way too many guys have let this team down. On Sunday, no one was more of a disappointment than Gano.