This NY Giants trade offer for Jerry Jeudy could land Daniel Jones a WR1

The trade rumors are on again for wideout Jerry Jeudy

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

This past offseason, the NY Giants were reported as having heavy interest in a particular wide receiver. Could those trade rumors be ignited again? Now, granted, the Giants are being looked upon as a team that could potentially deal some of their players. The list includes Adoree' Jackson, Leonard Williams and Xavier McKinney to name a few. However, that doesn’t mean the Giants can’t also look to improve the roster for the future.

Which brings us to Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, who some think could be traded with Denver’s season spiraling out of control. CBS Sports listed the Giants as a possible destination for the 24-year-old wide out.

Thus far in the 2024 season, Jeudy has caught 17 balls for 208 yards with no touchdowns, which might not seem like a lot, but those are better numbers than all of the Giants current wide receivers, as Darius Slayton is the Giants leading WR with 13 catches for 167 yards and no touchdowns. The Giants leading pass-catcher is tight end Darren Waller, who has 23 catches for 239 yards and no touchdowns. For a team that wanted to use more weapons in the passing game, it hasn’t been there. With that said, could the Giants push to try and land Jeudy later this month? Perhaps this offer from Joe Schoen would get the job done:

A Jerry Jeudy trade to the Giants would be a big win for Joe Schoen

Giants trade proposal for the Broncos: NY receives Jerry Jeudy, while the Broncos get a 2024 third-round pick and a 2025 seventh-round pick.

Reports circulated last year that Denver was asking for a first-round pick for Jeudy, which no team bit on, not even the Giants, who were in a big need for a receiver. Even now, the Giants can definitely not offer a first-rounder or even a second-round pick for Jeudy. But a third-round pick for him?

That might be more in line for a player like Jeudy, who's still fairly young and affordable given the current wide receiver market. Jeudy is still on his rookie contract with Denver and had his fifth-year option picked up for 2024 that will pay him $12.9 million. The Giants can also afford to throw in the seventh-round pick for the 2025 NFL Draft since they acquired one in the trade made over the summer with the Buffalo Bills that landed them reserve pass-rusher Boogie Basham.

With Denver selling and Jeudy likely on the block, the Broncos will likely get calls and offers for Jeudy - and if teams have the extra assets to spare, the Giants might not be able to afford a bidding war for a wide receiver.

But if Denver is willing to sell on Jeudy and they are willing to take a reasonable offer this time around, then it’s something Schoen should look into for not only this season, but also for the future of the team and the offense as well.