5 NY Giants who could be traded away by midseason

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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2. CB Darnay Holmes

After tons of rumors floating around about the potential of Darnay Holmes getting cut, it seems like he could be here to stay, or so we thought. The Giants don't necessarily need to shed off Holmes' contract anymore. However, they also don't necessarily need him in the secondary anymore considering how disappointing of a season he had in 2022.

While he could be a nice depth piece, Holmes will at the very least be CB4 in the depth chart. There's no chance he plays over Jackson or Banks, and after what he showed during his rookie season, Flott will also likely be over Holmes on the depth chart.

The depth of the Giants' secondary hasn't been too big of a problem compared to their lack of a second dominant outside corner. New York can afford to shed some depth like Holmes in order to gain more assets.

Last season, Holmes racked up 40 combined tackles while allowing 43 receptions on 66 targets for 456 yards and one touchdown. In addition to this, Holmes was flagged in the secondary a whopping nine times. He may make some nice plays against the run occasionally, but his struggles in coverage cannot continue if he wishes to stick around.