5 players the NY Giants can trade for to push toward contention

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4. LB Lavonte David

While David did re-sign on a one-year deal with the Buccaneers this offseason, it wouldn't surprise us to see him be traded by the deadline if the team underperforms. In this scenario, the Giants must hop on the train in order to bring in the three-time All-Pro member.

New York may already have Bobby Okereke, however, imagine having not one great linebacker, but two. Okereke is a tremendous run-stopper, and so is David. However, what separates the two is the fact that David is one of the top coverage linebackers in the league. With how pass-heavy the modern NFL offense is, having a linebacker that can succeed in coverage is almost a necessity at times.

Last season, David racked up 124 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, and three sacks. Alongside this, Davis also allowed 61 receptions on 76 targets for 484 yards and one touchdown, breaking up five passes in the process while earning a PFF coverage grade of 88.5. This ranked second in the league among all linebackers in the NFL.

David may just be on a one-year deal. However, adding a guy like this for the final half of the season could make a massive difference for the Giants come playoff time. Forget how talented he still is, the experience David brings alone would be huge for the Giants' playoff aspirations.