5 players the NY Giants can trade for to push toward contention

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1. DL Aaron Donald

This is the least likely player to be made available. However, there is still definitely a chance that Aaron Donald is made available. This all relies on whether or not the Rams wish to fully commit to rebuilding, which they likely do. Another thing that could make this tough is how often Donald's name has been swirled in rumors surrounding his potential retirement.

Despite all of this, if he is made available and commits to playing the remainder of his contract, it may be in the Giants' best interest to trade for him. Just imagine a defensive line that consists of Lawrence, Donald, and Leonard Williams. There would not be a better trio in the NFL and we have no doubt about that.

Through 11 games last season, Donald racked up five sacks, 45 combined tackles, and a forced fumble. Adding that next to Lawrence would make arguably the best interior defensive line duo the league has ever seen. While they are both technically nose guards, Lawrence and Donald have tons of experience over tackle and really all over the defensive line.

There are few doubts that they'd be able to make it work. Again, this is a long shot, but you never know what could happen midseason with the Rams and Donald.

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