Which NY Giants undrafted rookies have the best chance to make the team?

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As excited as people were for the 2023 NFL Draft, which saw the NY Giants bring in a boatload of talent, the work wasn't done there for general manager Joe Schoen. Shortly after the draft wrapped up, Schoen was quick to sign multiple undrafted free agents.

These are the kinds of guys that people are always going to root for. Is there a better story than a player who doesn't hear his name called during the draft, but then proves everyone wrong and ends up finding a home in the NFL anyway?

With that said, there's one player in particular who we think could sneak on to the 53-man roster once Week 1 arrives.

WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton has a great chance to make the Giants 53-man roster

At the top of the list, we've got to bring up 6-4, 220-pound wideout Bryce Ford-Wheaton. The West Virginia WR had a fourth-round draft grade, yet somehow didn't get selected. Multiple teams, including the Seahawks and Eagles, wanted to ink him, but the Giants were able to land his services.

Ford-Wheaton has blazing speed and sure hands. Last season for the Mountaineers, he caught 62 balls for 675 yards and seven touchdowns. Because of his size and impressive wheels, a lot of people think Ford-Wheaton can make an impact for this team in 2023.

Just how serious are the Giants about seeing Ford-Wheaton do his thing at MetLife Stadium and on the road? They signed him to a contract worth $236,000, plus a $30,000 signing bonus. You think Joe Schoen would fork out that kind of money for a guy who won't see the field at all during the campaign? Not a chance.

At 6-4 too, Ford-Wheaton is the exact kind of outside WR that this offense has been missing. He can be a serious problem for shorter defensive backs in the red zone. Of all the guys Schoen inked to a UDFA deal, Ford-Wheaton, in our eyes, most definitely has the best chance to make the squad once early September rolls around.

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