4 NY Giants veterans who could get cut with the NFL Draft wrapped up

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3. WR Jamison Crowder

Jamison Crowder may not be a long-time Giant like some of the others on this list, but the odds of him being released are just as high. While he could serve purpose as a kick returner, the Giants have other, more exciting talents on their roster who could take up that role.

Releasing Crowder would save the Giants around $960,000, while this isn't much money, it will go a long way in helping free space to sign the team's incoming rookie class. There is simply too much talent on this current Giants receiving core to justify giving Crowder a heavy amount of snaps, so releasing him may be in the team's best interests.

While he may have connections with Schoen, Crowder hasn't had a 500+ receiving yard season since 2020. Obviously, Crowder still has talent and could be productive, but not enough to justify playing him over really any of the current receivers on the Giants.

It would suck to bring Crowder in just to release him before the season even starts, but in all honesty, there were many doubts that he'd stick around from the start. Combining that with the recent WR acquisitions, there's just no way Crowder sticks around.