4 NY Giants veterans who could get cut with the NFL Draft wrapped up

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2. LB Jarrad Davis

After an incredible performance in the NY Giants regular-season finale against the Eagles, it seemed like Jarrad Davis was here to stay. However, Davis played pretty poorly during the playoffs, but the Giants re-signed him anyways.

Despite this, we still believe that there is a chance that Davis isn't on the roster entering the regular season. While he would provide a solid veteran presence, another breakout preseason from second-year LB Darrian Beavers could push Davis out of the rotation and off the team.

The Giants already have their elite run-stopper in Bobby Okereke, so pairing a coverage specialist like Beavers alongside him may be in the team's best interest. While Davis would more likely than not be brought back onto the practice squad in case Beavers gets hurt again, he likely won't be on the main roster by the team the 2023 season starts.

Even aside from Beavers, a hungry rookie like Micah McFadden could have himself a breakout season after a relatively poor rookie year. Obviously, asking a lot out of these late-round, second-year players is a lot, but each of them showed flashes to the point where they very well could be trusted over Davis in a key role.