3 NY Giants who disappointed (and 1 who impressed) in close loss to Eagles

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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They may have put up a better fight than most anticipated, but the NY Giants still managed to lose at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day, falling 33-25. It was an impressive showcase from New York, but for one reason or another, they couldn't get the job done.

Some will blame the refs, others will credit how good of a team the Eagles are. However, one thing is certain, these three Giants players massively disappointed and were a big reason for the team's downfall. On the other hand, though, one player stood out and did a great job at keeping New York in the game despite the other's downfalls.

Micah McFadden had a night to forget

Despite putting together a solid sophomore campaign, the former fifth-round pick has had a rough couple of weeks, including Christmas Day against the Eagles. Not only was McFadden just bad, but he was a borderline no-show, making little impact on the outcome of the game.

By the time the game was over, McFadden had racked up just five tackles while missing three. Alongside this, McFadden was consistently looking lost in coverage and lacked some vital instincts against the run that he had showcased all season long.

McFadden's tackling concerns have been a problem all season long, but this game it looked way worse considering how bad the Giants were at securing tackles in general. This has been a problem for New York in 2023, as they rank sixth in missed tackles, and when watching film, you can begin to see why a solution needs to be found soon.