4 NY Giants who impressed (and 1 who didn't) in bringing the Packers back to reality

What an upset win for the Giants

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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Wan'Dale Robinson was finally made a premier piece of the offense

Throughout his sophomore campaign, Wan'Dale Robinson has had his fair share of noteworthy plays. Despite this, for one reason or another, he hasn't really received the targets we had hoped he would. Fortunately for both him and the Giants, that changed against the Packers and he showed the world just how talented of a pass-catcher he is.

For the game, Robinson caught six passes for 79 yards while running the ball twice for 36 yards as well. Amongst these plays was a 32-yard catch with 49 seconds left in the game to set up a Randy Bullock game-winning field goal. This was just one of Robinson's big-time plays throughout this game, yet it made a massive difference.

Through 11 games, Robinson has caught 42 passes for 344 yards and one touchdown. While these numbers aren't crazy, the QB situation and overall poor offensive output from the entire team doesn't tell the whole story.

Robinson has consistently been one of the most dynamic weapons for the Giants. Hopefully, this performance woke up the team's coaching staff and will lead to Robinson receiving more snaps in the final four weeks.