4 NY Giants who impressed (and 1 who didn't) in bringing the Packers back to reality

What an upset win for the Giants

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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Bobby McCain and Thomas McGaughey almost cost the Giants big time

As for letting Giants fans down, we're going with two guys here actually instead of one. All season long, one of the biggest issues on the Giants has been their special teams. Whether it be the early season issues with the team's punt returners, or the consistent problems with players clearly not being prepared, something has to change. This week was no different, as not only did Bobby McCain make a mistake that nearly cost the Giants the game, but the special teams unit as well looked poor.

Early in the third quarter, the Packers punted the ball away, and despite Gunner Olszewski very clearly giving the signal to get away from the ball, McCain looked completely clueless and the ball hit him, causing the Packers to recover at the Giants' 14-yard line. While some incredible play from the team's defense would cause Green Bay to settle for a field goal, the outcome could have been much worse.

McCain was a player who some thought could have a shot to be a good depth piece for the Giants' defense. However, since the season started, McCain has been nothing short of bad and has barely seen the field. Now, the Giants use him on special teams and his play vs. Green Bay was a total joke.

With all of the talk about the Giants' coaching staff and who will or will not be returning, we wouldn't be surprised to see McGaughey be let go. He has consistently put out poor special teams units, yet has been rewarded for it. Hopefully, Joe Schoen makes the right decision early on in the offseason.