4 NY Giants who need more playing time in the season finale

Brian Daboll needs to give these guys more reps vs. the Eagles

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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It's been a long, depressing season, but we're finally at the finale with the NY Giants set to face off against the Philadelphia Eagles. While this is a game in which the Giants could potentially play spoiler for a team looking to win the division, in all reality, New York isn't really playing for anything.

With that in mind, we hope to see a few players get an increase in snaps. Whether it's to see what they can potentially provide in the future, give chances to those who haven't had it this season, or even earn some record book status, these four Giants should see the field more often than usual against the Eagles in Week 18.

4. RB Eric Gray

Heading into this season, many thought Eric Gray would have a genuine role on the team based on what he showcased during his time at Oklahoma. Instead, the fifth-round pick has barely been used and is looking like a waste of a draft pick right now. Gray was initially being used as a punt returner, but he failed at this since it was something he had never played before.

Now, since being pulled as the Giants' returner, Gray has barely seen the field. Despite this, it could be worth giving the 24-year-old RB some extra reps in the final game of the season to see if he could potentially provide anything for New York next season.

With Matt Breida's contract expiring this offseason, the Giants are going to need to find a new backup running back. That being said, it would be nice to see if Gray could potentially be that by giving him a reasonable amount of carries against the Eagles.

If Gray can show some skills that would make him capable of being an RB2, then the Giants could save a decent amount of money by not having to sign a new back. If Gray fails though, New York will be in a tough spot heading into 2024, as it will be tough to find a spot for him on the field in his sophomore season.