4 NY Giants who need more playing time in the season finale

Brian Daboll needs to give these guys more reps vs. the Eagles

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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3. WR Sterling Shepard

Based on some recent quotes, the future of Sterling Shepard's career in the NFL is up in the air. Not only is it incredibly unlikely that the Giants retain the 30-year-old WR, but he also hinted at a potential retirement. Considering how many injuries he's sustained in recent years, alongside the lack of snaps this season, this wouldn't surprise us.

With that being said, we hope that Brian Daboll respects Shepard as much as we do, and gives the veteran a few extra snaps to try and go out on a high note. Alongside this, Shepard also has some historical implications with this game. If he manages to catch three passes, Shepard would move up to fifth on the Giants' all-time receptions list.

He shouldn't be on the field a ton this week, but we hope Daboll gives him anywhere from 10-15 snaps to try and get into the top five. With all the injuries Shepard has sustained, alongside the poor play of the teams around him, to accomplish this would honestly be very impressive and we hope Daboll gives Shepard the chance to do so.