4 NY Giants who should be benched after horrible showing vs. Seahawks

Major changes are needed for the G-Men moving forward

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
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2. KR/PR Eric Gray

Following an embarrassing muffed punt early on against the Seahawks this week, the Giants took out Eric Gray as their primary punt returner. While we agreed with this move, we heavily disagree with who they replaced Gray with. That's right, despite watching Adoree' Jackson go down with an injury while returning punts last season, the Giants decided to throw him down there once again this week.

While luckily, Jackson made it out of this game without injury, it's common sense for him to not be returning punts from here on out. In fact, we're pretty annoyed that veteran WR Sterling Shepard wasn't given a chance to field punts during this game.

Not only have the Giants had Shepard field punts during practice in recent weeks, but it's not as if they'd be saving him to be a big part of the offense. Through four games, Shepard has played just 25 snaps and has been targeted only three times. Why not give the veteran who's given his all to this team a chance to be a difference-maker on special teams?

Regardless of who it is, Gray can't be the Giants' returner going forward. He hasn't been disastrous or anything, but Gray hasn't been a big game-changer for New York on special teams like we thought he would and it may be worth giving someone else a chance at this point. Gray's near fumble was awful all around on Monday night. Time to move on from the rookie.