4 NY Giants who won’t be missed next season

There's going to be plenty of shifting with the roster for next season

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3. OT Matt Peart

Much like Lemieux, the Giants will almost certainly look to upgrade from right tackle Matt Peart. Peart is another offensive lineman, picked in the same year as Lemieux, who simply has not worked out for the Giants. He has played in 17 games in two seasons, but could never gain the starting role. Injuries have also been a problem for him.

In college, Peart was an All-Conference lineman who showed versatility. He went back and forth playing both left and right tackle. Both fans and players were happy the Giants jumped on the right tackle in the third round in 2020. Many people thought NY's offensive line problems were that much closer to being solved. Bookend tackles in Andrew Thomas and Peart was the idea, except one of them didn't pan out.

Whether it was due to Evan Neal, Tyre Phillips, or even Wyatt Davis for a short period of time, Peart barely got time on the field, and when he was given opportunities, he did not make the most of them. He also has a lengthy list of injuries, ending each season on IR. Things just didn't work out in East Rutherford for the OT.