4 NY Giants who won’t be missed next season

There's going to be plenty of shifting with the roster for next season

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1. CB Darnay Holmes

Now admittedly, I thought the Giants got an absolute steal in the draft when they selected Darnay Holmes. He was somewhat of a human highlight reel at UCLA on defense and on special teams. He had some special talent as a return man, so I thought if nothing else, the Giants could use him there and rely on him to be a stud.

Holmes was simply special in college. He started as a true freshman and appeared in 35 career games while there. He had over 100 tackles, eight interceptions, and multiple touchdowns. Some of the plays he was making were truly phenomenal, which is why there was so excitement about his potential with the Giants. Like other guys on this list, Holmes turned out to be a disappointment.

Through his four years with the Giants, Holmes flashed a couple of times, but ultimately he could never be consistent. It just didn't click; he didn't take that next step that we all thought he could. Before he knew it, he was buried on the depth chart with players like Deonte Banks, Adoree' Jackson, Nick McCloud, Cor'Dale Flott, and Tre Hawkins earning more reps in the secondary. It seemed like anytime an opposing team needed to move the ball, they would just target Holmes. It's time to move on from him.