NY Giants would be crazy not to pursue these 5 free agents

The Giants would be well-served in their aggressive pursuit of these game-changers in free agency
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3. L'Jarius Sneed

Fresh off a career year that came to its head with his second Super Bowl victory, everything seemed to be going L'Jarius Sneed's way this season. He proved himself to be a lockdown No. 1 cornerback, constantly creating turnovers and making big plays. Sneed certainly played his best in a contract year and he will be rewarded for it.

Specifically, in the 2023 playoffs, it felt like Sneed was involved in every play for the Chiefs' defense. Whether shutting down Tyreek Hill/Jaylen Waddle in the Wild Card Round or Deebo Samuel/Brandon Aiyuk in the Super Bowl, Sneed was coming out on top against the world's best receivers. Even in the AFC Championship Game against the Ravens - remember this huge, game-saving play made by Sneed against a diving Zay Flowers?!

When asked after the Super Bowl about his offseason plan and outlook on his future with the Chiefs, Sneed was very blunt in his response. His message to the Kansas City Chiefs general manager was, "Pay me, Pay me, Pay me." Sneed was not mincing words - he wants to be paid like one of the league's best cornerbacks.

At just 27 years old and coming off a career year, many suspect the Chiefs will deploy their franchise tag on Sneed. While Sneed is interested in a more lucrative, long-term deal, seeing how the Chiefs navigate having so many star players seeking compensation will be interesting. He very well could end up hitting free agency.