NY Giants would be crazy not to pursue these 5 free agents

The Giants would be well-served in their aggressive pursuit of these game-changers in free agency

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2. Tee Higgins

With Daniel Jones entering a pivotal second year of his four-year, $160 million extension, it is about time he is given a true alpha receiver to realize his true potential. With short segments and moments of incredible play clouded by years of injuries and lackluster weapons, the Giants need to get a clear vision of who Jones truly is.

Tee Higgins can certainly help solve the answer to that question. Like Evans, Higgins has proven that he can be a lethal weapon on the outside and a security blanket for a QB like Jones. Early reports share that Higgins is also a candidate for the franchise tag, which would be his second consecutive season playing under the tag. With the 2023 season defined by losing Joe Burrow to injury and Higgins battling some injuries himself, it's hard to imagine that either side is willing to budge much based on their negotiation last year.

At 25 years old, Higgins will have many teams coveting his services if he hits the free market this offseason. With Darius Slayton being Jones' most common target since entering the league, it is time for the Giants to empty the bank account and give Jones the opportunity to flourish. The Giants could target a WR1 with the No. 6 overall pick, but Higgins could prove to be a better option.