NY Giants would be crazy not to pursue these 5 free agents

The Giants would be well-served in their aggressive pursuit of these game-changers in free agency
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1. Gabe Davis

While the connection between Gabe Davis and Schoen/Daboll is obvious from their time in Buffalo, does adding Davis to the Giants really make sense? After a year when he saw his production decline, Davis is reportedly looking for a new home and a fresh start.

Connor Hughes, an NFL Insider for SNY, had this to say when defining Davis' season and why Davis' down year might be worth overlooking.

""This was a bit of a down year for Davis. It wasn't bad (45 catches, 746 yards, seven touchdowns), it just wasn't the breakout many expected. He was better in 2022 when he caught 48 passes for 836 yards and seven touchdowns. Some of this likely had to do with quarterback Josh Allen still favoring Stefon Diggs (team-high 107 targets), the development of first-round pick tight end Dalton Kincaid (73 targets) and the overall sluggish start to Buffalo's year that ultimately led to the firing of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey.""

Connor Hughes

When looking deeper than just the stat sheet, it's clear that the lack of production is due to many factors other than Davis' abilities. With so many mouths to feed in Buffalo and a new emphasis on the run game, the statistical decline was inevitable.

When looking at Davis on paper, at just 24 years old, he has had immense success in the NFL, often playing his best when it matters most. Boasting a career average of 16.7 yards per reception, he is a lethal threat downfield. Davis showed his cards in a recent social media post that seemed to be a message that he won't be returning to Buffalo.

With so many tough decisions and room for improvement, the Giants must be very tactical in their approach to the NFL Draft, free agency, potential trades, and any offseason move. With several positions needing reinforcements, the Giants must successfully gauge their short and long-term futures to set the team up for success.