Xavier McKinney backs Saquon Barkley during difficult contract situation

The veteran Big Blue safety is ready to support No. 26 with whatever decision he makes

New York Giants Offseason Workout
New York Giants Offseason Workout / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

While all eyes are on training camp for the NY Giants starting on Wednesday, there's no question that countless people are also going to be focused on the absence of Saquon Barkley. After failing to come to terms with Joe Schoen on an extension, Barkley isn't expected in town.

With how important Barkley is for the locker room, his teammates are certainly going to miss him. This includes star safety Xavier McKinney. While speaking with Jim Rome, McKinney was asked about No. 26.

McKinney made it clear that he's ready to support the stud running back regardless of what he decides to do. Barkley has left the door open for him to sit out regular season games, which no one wants to see happen.

Xavier McKinney is ready to support Saquon Barkley no matter what

"I’m behind him 100 percent. I wouldn’t have no hard feelings, nothing towards him whatever decision that he decides. Obviously, we want him to be there but if he can’t, we understand that as well. I think that’s not just for me, but that goes for a lot of guys in our locker room.""

Xavier McKinney

McKinney added that if Barkley decides to not show up later this summer or even right before Week 1, that no one is going to be mad at him. At the end of the day, McKinney and others understand that this is a business and Barkley is doing what he thinks is best at this time.

There's been plenty of drama surrounding Barkley, as he and the Giants were trying to get on the same page contract wise for months. Nothing was finalized, and now Barkley is looking at $10.1 million for the 2023 campaign if he suits up on the non-exclusive franchise tag.

Barkley is the most explosive playmaker for the NY offense. The hope is that he'll be out on the field come Week 1, but we can't rule out that not happening too.

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